Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas & Winter Crafties

It will be here before we know it... Get started on your decorating and gifts Early to avoid the Craziness :)

Begin your countdown with these fun & easy to make Blocks. Kit includes graphix, wood blocks, paint and modpodge. $12.00 (Finished price: 25.00)

Full Body Snowman Doorhanger. Kits: $22.00 includes all supplies to complete the kit. Provide your own brushes and hot glue gun. Lettering is stenciled / stencil is included. Unavailable Finished until January... reason? Freezin. ( It will be too cold outside to do anything but crafties :) Display this winter buddy until February - or at least I do because it is usually still snowing outside!! (some supplies may be substituted due to availability.)

St.Nick Doorhanger. Finished: $45.00 - kits unavailable.

Perfect for any mantle or entry table. The gifts remind us of the gifts given to the Christ Child by the 3 Wisemen. Kits include wood, paint,stain, graphic letters, ribbon, mod podge $24.00 Finished: $34.00. Skill level - basic to moderate.

4 seasons in one! - Winter, spring, summer, autummn BLocks. Get the most out of your decorating dollar! Just turn as the seasons change. Kit includes graphix, & wood blocks only. $20.00 ($30.00 finished)

Same blocks... spring view

same blocks... summer time!

Wow! same blocks...autumn time.

Snowman Doorhanger! (He is also really cute sitting on a easle on my front entry table :) Requires some assembly with power tools ie. drill and or nail gun. DYI kits available for more advanced crafters $ 25.00... or I can finish it for you for only$45.00

Joy Blocks. Kit includes blocks and graphic only.$10.00 Finished: $15.00

5 Feet Tall - porch sitter snowman. Snowmen melt your heart and he is no exception. Finished Price: $95.00


  1. Hi Holli we meet at the 9th ward craft night. Thank you for being there and for all your ideas.
    How much is your St. nick craft kit? and do you have any kits for the 5ft snowman porch sitter? If so how much is he?
    Thanks angie

  2. Hi angie,
    I will try to find your phone number in case you don't get this response.
    I do not have St Nick kits at this time - only a finished hanger, but I have the porch sitter snowman kit. He is $45.00 ( he comes mostly assembled so you just have to paint him and glue eyes, mouth buttons on. Sorry, all out of brooms but they have them usually at halloween time in stores.

  3. hi holly i just saw your message back to me! So if you have both the St. Nick and the porch sitter snowman(this one in the kit) I would like to buy both from you. my number is 237-1332.

  4. Where or how do we order some of your wood kits?
    Thanks, Cindy

  5. Holli do you still make the porch sitter snowman? My mom has been trying to find someone that makes it for the past two years!! Please contact me if you do.

  6. I am interested in the porch sitter snowman kit, but it doesn't have to be this year. I can wait if you don't have any available right now. How do I order from you?

  7. I see these are old posts...but I would also love to know how to purchase some of your items.

  8. I'm interested in the full body snowman door hanger. Is it still available for sale?

  9. Are the kits for the porch sitter snowman still available? I would love to buy one.

  10. I am also interested in the pech sitter snowman and also the door snowman. Can I purchase them from you?

  11. I would like to purchase the porch sitter snowman in either the kit or the finished product.